Write to your MP to help stop the Online Safety Bill

The Online Safety Bill is set to return to Parliament on 5th December. Time is running out to secure the privacy of your personal messages.

❌ Private chat platforms, such as WhatsApp, Signal, Facebook Messenger and Telegram, will also fall under the bill’s mandate.

❌ Under a recent amendment to the bill, they will have to scan for government-specified forms of illegal content using Home Office-approved systems. It is a deeply intrusive form of surveillance that will compromise the end-to-end encryption that currently keeps our chats confidential and secure.

❌ Automated censorship machines will decide what you can and can’t say online. They will use prior constraint, censoring you automatically before you have even published your comments.

❌ Politicians will decide what will be censored. Russia and China do the same. We need to be better than that, we need to uphold our values and freedoms.

❌ Downgrading anonymous accounts will punish victims of crime, as they will be marginalised and blocked.

❌ This Bill will age-gate and restrict access to the likes of Twitter, Google, and Reddit.

Time is running out. Write to your MP today to highlight your concerns over the threats to our freedoms and liberties the Bill will create.