British privacy laws ensure that you control your personal data and that you are protected from privacy violations. But this could change in 2021 if politicians water down our privacy standards as part of a trade agreement with the US or through the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPATPP).

There’s no telling how your personal data will be impacted by a UK-US trade agreement negotiated without Parliamentary oversight. Some of our hard won privacy protections may remain, but whether meaningful enforcement of those rights can happen from across the pond is anyone’s guess.

Trade agreements are pushing for “voluntary enforcement”, meaning it could become nearly impossible to know whether your data is safe, if it is lost or stolen, or whether faceless data brokers are obtaining, buying or selling your data.

Everything from your shopping, financial and spending habits to something as intimate as your genetic data could be at risk through unsafe, lightly regulated data transfers.

Unaccountable corporations must not exert control over our fundamental rights and liberties.

Parliament must not lose its ability to protect our rights. We have to stop this data power grab.

The clock is ticking.

Your voice can make all the difference.

Take action now by signing the petition to protect our privacy rights.