Tell your MSPs digital rights are a priority

As the next class of MSPs look to the future, the time to voice your concerns about digital rights in Scotland is now.

We’ve listed some of our core recommendations about digital identity, Police surveillance, and free expression online in Scotland. You can use these points to help craft your message, but please USE YOUR OWN WORDS. Copied messages won’t be taken into account.

What Open Rights Group Scotland wants:

  • No central, unified ID database system should be built in Scotland.
  • If Vaccine Passports are rolled out in Scotland, they must protect the right to privacy and uphold data protection standards.
  • The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Sub-Committee on Policing must be maintained.
  • The performance of Police Scotland’s cyber kiosks must be reviewed and scrutinised.
  • Freedom of expression must continue to be safeguarded in legislation.
  • What is illegal online should be illegal offline, and vice versa.
  • Regulations on freedom of expression must consider parallel processes in the UK and in Europe to ensure that freedom of speech is not fragmented across boundaries.