Encryption is essential to the modern world. The stronger it is, the safer we are. The worldwide ransomware attack is a shocking example of the importance of digital security.

The Home Office is holding a secret consultation on technical capability notice (TCN) regulations, which could enable them to order companies like WhatsApp to compromise the security of their products so the Government can surveil customer data. But digital backdoors can be exploited by criminals, even if they are designed for Government access.

The secret consultation ends Friday 19 May. Email the Home Office and tell them to leave encryption alone. You can use the bullet points below to help construct your message.

  • Encryption protects our security and our privacy. Companies must be free to determine the security of their own products, and users must be confident their communications are protected. While TCN's will not technically eliminate encryption, they could effectively bypass it.
  • Encryption underpins our economy, the Internet, and vital infrastructure. It should remain strong.
  • Encryption is vital to press freedom. Whistleblowers use it to securely communicate with journalists to expose official corruption.
  • Secret consultations are not in line with principles of transparency, accountability, and open Government. The public has a right to know if the security of services they use has been compromised. 
  • The disastrous ransomware attack shows how digital vulnerabilities used by security agencies can be exploited by criminals, terrorists, or foreign governments.