Stop the Global Privacy Race to the Bottom

Our privacy rights are getting trampled in the Government’s rush to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Much like trade deals with Japan and the US, the CPTPP’s access to foreign markets comes with a steep price - the gutting of our hard won data protection laws.

The problem is that most CPTPP members have far lower privacy standards than the UK. They could use the agreement to force the UK to accept low privacy standards when your data is moved abroad.

That would mean that when your personal data flows to those countries, it would be defenseless. It could even lead to data passing from the UK to countries outside the CPTPP, turning the UK into a global data laundering hub.

The good news is that the UK can protect itself by adding extra “side letters”.

But these changes must happen now, during negotiations. Once we join, it will be too late.

Sign and share this petition calling on the UK’s Government to protect our privacy from the CPTPP!