As the Government prepares post-Brexit trade relations with countries around the world, a lack of transparency is putting our digital rights at risk.

International trade deals have a long history of disregarding democracy and reflecting corporate agendas. Overseas tech giant are dominating negotiations with the US for cross-border trade and e-commerce while undermining digital privacy and promoting censorship online.

This goes way beyond Brexit and the UK. Shadowy deals that prioritise commercial interests above consumer protections affect the global infrastructure of the Internet. This ultimately threatens the ability of nations to maintain a free and open Internet within their own borders.

The Government consultation on trade negotiations with the US closes 26 October. Use our form to urge transparency, democratic oversight, and respect for privacy and free speech.

• Democratic oversight and decision making must be protected by giving Parliament a central role and the final say over agreements.

• Negotiations must be transparent, drafts must be published, and civil society must be able to participate.

• Digital privacy must not be undermined in the name of protecting the "free flow of data".

• Censorship must not be promoted through draconian or voluntary online IP enforcement commitments.