Pledge for a future of freedom and rights

After leaving the European Union, the UK is in uncharted digital waters. It could take positive steps to protect online speech and privacy - or it could attack our freedoms and increase surveillance. If we are not vigilant, secretive decisions and international agreements could roll back digital freedoms.

As the UK reorients itself post-Brexit, you can rely on Open Rights Group to fight to protect and enhance your rights online. 

Will you join us? We believe in grassroots, community-led movements to change Government policy. Our voices together will be more important than ever in standing up for everyone’s rights online post-Brexit. 

We're in new territory but one thing hasn’t changed. You get the future you fight for. Sign the pledge to stand up for a future of freedom and rights. 

* Open Rights Group (ORG) is non-partisan, did not endorse any position on the referendum and has both supported and challenged the EU.