The timing couldn’t be more ironic. The Cambridge Analytica scandal is showing the world the importance of data protection rights just as the House of Commons is considering a new Data Protection Bill. Now is the perfect time to tell MPs our concerns.

An exemption allowing political parties to process data about individuals’ political opinions was written before the age of Facebook and is in desperate need of an upgrade. Other elements hang in the balance and must be preserved. If Article 80(2) doesn’t pass into law, the ability of privacy organisations like ORG to challenge bad data protection practice will be muted.

It is up to us to make sure MPs apply the important lessons from the Cambridge Analytica scandal to the new Data Protection Bill. Please use our form to write your MP. You can use the bullet points below to help write your own original message.

• Schedule 1 Paragraph 22 is shockingly out of date and must be amended. It allows political parties to process data revealing individuals’ political opinions but was not designed for the era of Big Data.

• Article 80(2) must be preserved so privacy organisations can independently challenge bad data protection practice. Individuals are not equipped with the expertise, means or time to make their own complaints. Tens of millions of victims of the Cambridge Analytica scandal had no idea their data was being accessed and stored improperly.

• The new Data Protection Bill must account for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. When people lose control over their personal data it can enable larger problems like electoral manipulation.