The EU Copyright Directive is approaching its final MEP vote the week of 25 March 2019. This is our last chance to stop Article 13 (newly renamed Article 17) from changing the Internet forever.

Article 13 makes Internet platforms directly liable for all user content, giving them no choice but to scan all content with upload filters. To avoid penalties they will err on the side of caution and overblock. 

Algorithms fail to grasp context, which is needed to recognise legal exceptions to copyright. That means important research, commentary, creative works and parodies will be mistakenly identified and blocked along with copyright violations.

Many UK MEPs remain undecided, so please write to them now. You can use the points below to construct your own unique message. IF YOU'RE OUTSIDE THE UK, please use this tool instead

  • If you are part of a tech business, or a creator, like a musician, photographer, video editor or a writer, let your MEPs know!
  • Say no to upload filters. Automated filters struggle to identify legal exceptions to copyright that enable important research, commentary, creative works, and parody.
  • Internet platforms do not make good copyright enforcers. They will err on the side of caution and overblock to avoid liability penalties. 
  • We can find a better way to enforce copyright that does not damage free expression. Please vote against the Copyright Directive!