In a major victory for digital rights, the Government has agreed with a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union declaring the Investigatory Powers Act's indiscriminate retention of data illegal. As a result the Home Office has conceded independent authorisation is necessary for communications data requests.

Disappointingly, other major elements of the judgement are being totally ignored. The good news is the Government is holding an open consultation [1] on proposals to amend the IPAct. We have until Thursday January 18th to speak up.

Please write your own message to the IPA consultation using your own words. You can use the below bullet points as guidelines.

  • Blanket retention of data is clearly not acceptable as a result of the CJEU judgment and must not be allowed.
  • People whose data is used during investigations must be notified.
  • Personal data must remain within the UK and not be shared with foreign governments including the US.
  • The 'request filter' [2] needs restraint to prevent it from becoming a surveillance search engine.