Before the ink could dry on the Investigatory Powers Act, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled against the UK’s intrusive data retention measures. There are some signs that the Home Office have accepted parts of the judgment but they are keeping Parliament and the public in the dark about their plans.

Sign our letter demanding clarification from the Government and asking the parties contesting the election to put forward their position. We must move quickly to keep this from being swept under the carpet. The following letter with your signature will be delivered to the Secretary of State and Shadow Ministers on Monday. 

Dear Secretary of State and Shadow Ministers,

We the undersigned are writing to highlight the urgent need for clarification on the Government's position on police use of retained data, following the European Court of Justice judgment in the Watson case last year.

The Government has started a procurement process for an “independent communications data authorising body”[1] but has not told Parliament what their plans are.

These plans must be announced before the election, as they already exist. Any commitments that are being made to implement the court judgment must also be made clear in your parties’ manifestos.

The court asked for independent authorisation of data requests, for indiscriminate data retention to end, and for people whose data had been accessed to be notified once police investigations end.

The Government must present its plans to Parliament as a matter of urgency and the parties contesting the election must outline their positions to the people as soon as possible.