Don't Scan Me - Write to your MP to help stop the 'Spy Clause'

Red and black image of people looking at their phones

The spy clause (now renumbered to clause 122) in the Online Safety Bill will give Ofcom the power to ask private companies to scan everyone’s private messages on behalf of the government. It is state-mandated private surveillance.

The Online Safety Bill is currently passing through the House of Lords. Providers such as WhatsApp and Signal have said they will pull out of the UK rather than break the security of their products.

Time is running out. We only have weeks left to save the use of end-to-end encryption messaging apps in the UK

Take action today. Use this tool to email your MP about this issue,

Please send them a personal message asking them to amend the 'spy clause' 122 in the bill. If you want points to make in your email, then you can refer to our briefing on this subject.

If you get a reply then feel free to forward it onto

Time is running out. Write to your MP today to highlight your concerns over the threats to our freedoms and liberties the Bill will create.