Ask your MEP to oppose copyright term extension

Open internetThe disastrous proposal to extend the term of copyright protection for sound recordings to 70 years is back on the European Council's agenda.

There is a chance to stop this. You can help by writing to your MEPs now to tell them about your concerns, and ask them to make sure the Directive gets proper scrutiny from the European Parliament.

The economic evidence is stacked against the proposal. It will result in large parts of our cultural history being locked up. And it will benefit only a small number of artists and businesses. Leading IP professors, the UK government's 'Gowers  Review' of IP, and independent analysts commissioned by the EU have all said that extending the copyright term is unwise. You can read more about the evidence here.

You can help to make sure European decision makers look again at this damaging proposal by writing to your MEP now. 

There is more background on the return of this proposal, and why writing to your MEP will help, on our blog. If you are in the UK, please use this version of the action.

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